lawn care and landscape maintenanceLandscaping is one of the most cherished pastimes as a homeowner. Your yard can have gorgeous style and comfortable outdoor space where you can spend the afternoon reading or just enjoying being outdoors.

It’s best to know some landscaping errors you can avoid when landscaping. We are here to tell you about the ten most common errors homeowners make and how you can avoid them.

  1. Failing to prune a shrub can throw up unexpected surprises! Imagine a row of forsythia bushes that can line up your landscape with splendor. If you prune them at the wrong time you could remove the buds that produce the best blooms in spring. Pruning at the right time helps you bring out the best blossoms.
  2. When done properly, a hedge can be a great way to differentiate between your property and your neighbor’s. Hedge trimming is a very important task that needs attention. It’s never a great idea to keep growing a hedge uncontrollably. The individual bushes in a hedge may get out of whack and grow wildly. You need to shear the hedge and use a power hedger effectively. Using a cordless hedge trimmer can help your garden stay weed-free. Ensure that your young plants get enough room to grow and develop in the hedge rows.
  3. Tree care takes an added dimension when you ‘ungirdle’ tree barks. Invasive vines and other creepers often get wrapped around the trunks of trees. This can strangle the trees and cast excessive shade. Many plants can kill other trees because of girdling. Another common problem is leaving stray branches around the main trunk.
  4. Not setting a landscaping budget can cost you a lot when it comes to embellishment of your garden. A smarter way to employ ornamentation is to use it sparingly and attract attention to it. If the decorations sprawl across a property, the impact of the designs can be diluted. The garden may look tacky and cluttered. Such a landscape is far more inferior and may rob the uniqueness of a garden, far from establishing a focal point.
  5. Don’t make a mistake while placing tire planters. If you are in a suburban home, a tire planter can be an unmistakable part of your front-yard design. But this can be an erroneous move! Whether you are decorating the driveway landscape or even planting the mailbox area, do not populate these areas with tire planters.
  6. Remember to scalp your grass and shorten your blades in summer. A common misconception is that if you mow your garden, your yard looks neat and fine. But lawn mowing is not just about keeping up appearances. Maintain your grass health too and feel free to bring in expert landscapers to trim the long grass haulms.
  7. Eyesores such as utility boxes and raised septic systems or even trash barrels can make a yard look ugly. Not hiding these is a faux pas and you need to maintain a shorter hedge to hide an eyesore.
  8. A lot of homeowners can be thrilled with a property purchase. They often call in a contractor and wall a fence on the yard. Consider fencing options that are contemporary and off the beaten track. If your fence is broken up by sections of the shrubs, you may have a much natural looking fence. It’s important that rather than erecting a permanent fence you plant panels and shrubs.
  9. A common landscaping mistake is selecting a plant without researching its mature size! These can cost you aesthetically and may block windows and doors in the long run. If you have planted near a flower border, it can cast an unwanted shade on other plants in the garden. Selecting the right kind of plants, therefore, is crucial.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you achieve a neat garden that attracts the eye! You will be better off if you do your homework and select landscaping options that are right for you! Call in our experts and prevent landscaping gaffes for your lawns.


While these lanscaping tips can go a long way to helping your home look wonderful, sometimes it is best to hire a professional.

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