Spring landscape care for commercial properties


Spring is a great time to refresh the landscaping around your business or commercial property by addressing the aspects of your landscape that are lacking. Take a good look at your property and consider what changes or improvements it may need.
Here are some things you can do to revitalize your commercial landscape.

Replacing Plants

Beautiful commercial landscaping requires constant attention and care. Mature plants can get overgrown and can give your business a neglected appearance. Sometimes caring for and maintaining your existing plants just isn’t worth the time or cost, and he best plan is to replace the older plants and give your business a fresh new look.

Add or Refresh Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch each year adds a clean, cared-for look to your landscape. When basic landscape maintenance tasks like mulching are neglected, it can reflect poorly on your business.
By putting down even just a thin layer of new mulch, you can greatly improve the visual appeal of the property.

Landscaping mulch protects plant roots which deliver food and nourishment. Mulch also suppresses weed growth, which can cut down on the work of removing weeds later.

A fresh layer of mulch keeps moisture in the soil and conservers water, and helps prevent erosion and runoff.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Save water by keeping your irrigation system in its best possible condition. Spring is a good time to check over the whole watering system to find leaks and other issues like malfunctioning timers.

Keep Up The Good Work

Your property’s landscape is an asset that should be well-maintained so you can get and keep the improved curb appeal of your property. The bare minimum of taking care of the grass isn’t enough if you want to attract and retain tenants for a rental or lease property, or provide a quality experience for your business or store.

Land Graphics Can Help With All Your Commercial Grounds Maintenance Needs

Knowledge, experience, expert service, and care are the keys to maintaining a healthy attractive commercial landscape year-round.
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