Weed Removal

Lawn care can be a rewarding and relaxing activity when you have a vibrant garden and a beautiful flower bed. However, the persistence of weeds can be a proud homeowner’s worst nightmare! A little know-how rather than rigorous weed-whacking can help.

Mow Often

Mowing frequently can reduce the emergence of weeds in the lawn. The main reason why your yard gets infested with weeds is essentially because unwanted wild plants (weeds) tend to be hardier than desirable plants. Frequent mowing reduces the chance of weeds getting out of control.


Mulching is a great way to arrest weeds in your garden. A good layer of wood chips can smother weeds and unwanted plants that are trying to grow, while helping keep the soil moist for the plants you do want.

Kill It With Fire

If you want to start completely fresh with an area that is inhabited by weeds in your garden, a propane weed burning torch will make get rid of weeds for good. Just be careful not to burn good plants, your home, or yourself!

Pull Those Weeds

Some weeds can be difficult to control, and uprooting them is the best way to deal with them.

Chemical Weed Killers

You can also opt for liquid weed killers. Poisoning the weeds is rather drastic, and may also kill your grass if not applied carefully. There are health concerns, too. Research on chemical weed killers and buy an environmentally safe and eco-friendly herbicides.

If all these techniques seem to fail, or you are not keen on the hard work and safety risks of de-weeding, give Land Graphics a call.
We can get rid of weeds safely so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful home!