A lush lawn in all seasons is always welcome in every neighborhood. Here is a checklist that can help you get your yard spruced up in style for the seasons ahead.

Lawn Care Tips for Fall Winter Spring and Summer

Fall Facts

Fall is the best time to patch bare or thin spots when the hot and dry summer days have given away to cooler temperatures. Start off with removing dead grass and break the garden soil with a trowel. Add compost and work the soil up. Remember to add grass seed that is designed for the shade and full sun. Spread the seed evenly across the bare patch. Use a hard tooth rake that can work the seed into the soil to a depth of about half an inch. Sprinkle the grass clippings over the patch and prevent the soil from drying out. You need to water the area and keep the patch moist until the seed germinates, and new grass grows.

Winter Worries

When winter sets in and Fall gradually passes by, your job is to keep your lawn free of leaves and debris. Use a mulching mower and break the leaves to add organic matter to the soil. Clean the clumps and don’t kill the grass.

Minimize the salt damage and draw water away from the roots. Flush out the extra water. Apply anti-Tran spirants to plants and trees, especially the evergreens. This helps reduce the water loss from plant leaves. Burlap wrapping can also be used to shield valuable evergreens from salt sprays and winter dryness. Tie the branches together and help the trees withstand snow loads. Apply mesh to the base of young trees and minimize any snow induced damage.

Spring Surprise

Early spring lawn care needs proper preparation. When everything goes smoothly, you need to sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. A dull blade tears the grass and leaves jagged edges that can often leave the lawn discolored inviting pathogens. Ensure that your mower blades are sharp, and check your spark plugs and air filter for the best performance.

Always buy fresh gas. Don’t use gas that’s been sitting in your garage all winter. We are talking about your lawn mowing equipment here! Moisture can harm small engines, and this is especially true for fuel containing ethanol. You could start off by using regular grades of gasoline.

Clean up your lawn. You need to clear debris and apply herbicides and fertilizer in good measure.

Summer Sunshine

For your barefoot-worthy lawn, summer is the best season to kickstart a rigorous routine to clear grub worms at the larvae stage. Beetles too, start feeding on tender root systems of lawns. Affected lawns show browning and wilting patches, you need to pull back the sod and look for white C-shaped grubs. Treat your lawn with a chemical pesticide. You can also use milky spore in an environmentally friendly way to control the grub. When using insecticides, follow the instructions and water the soil with consideration.


While these lawn care tips can go a long way to helping your lawn look wonderful, it all boils down to good maintenance. Call us at (727) 474-0224, contact us here by email, or chat with us here on the website right now.