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Your yard and lawn are not just the outside of your house. They are also the first impression everyone has of your home. Some 71% of homeowners are concerned about their lawns, and the landscaping is a huge part of making that good first impression. Even if you are not planning to sell your house soon, you care what visitors think of your home.

Here are reasons why you should put down the weed-wacker and call in the experts for a healthy and professionally maintained manicured green spread:

Less Weekend Work, More Free Time

For many people, the best benefit of employing an expert lawn care service is that it frees up time to devote to other activities at home and outside. When you hire our lawn experts, you get to maximize your time and do other valuable things that were taking a backseat when you were mowing the lawn. Maintaining one’s lawn seasonally is very tedious. Elaborately landscaped properties need thorough looking after and supervision. These days most of us just don’t have the time on our hands. Lawn care is a year long process and employing our lawn experts can spruce your lawn up and save vital time.

Professional Lawn Care Can Save You Money

Surprise! Lawn care by professionals does not burn a hole in the pocket. It is true that a professional landscaping company will charge you money, but that can result in cost savings in the long run. According to The National Association of Realtors (NAR), an average landscape professional can charge you $375 per visit, but the overall value accrued to your home is around $1,000. This puts the value recovered from the project at 267%.

Happy Lawn Spreads Happiness Around

A healthy lawn can add years to your life! NAR data suggests that a well-maintained lawn can increase the enjoyment and overall quality of life of the home’s inhabitants. According to NAR’s study, 68% or homeowners have a greater desire to be home and 54% feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project. A 2017 US Houzz Landscape Trends Study found that a manicured lawn led to increased interaction with next-door neighbors.

Experience Counts

Lawn care does not necessarily mean just mowing and weeding. There is a lot more to it than that. We offer many lawn care packages that include certain services that can offer you exactly what you need. These can include pre-emergent and targeted weed control, healthy lawn analysis, fertilization, lawn aeration and tree and shrub care. You can also opt for lawn seeding, pest control, fungus control, soil amendment, service calls and summaries among a host of other options.

Your One-Stop Lawn Care Company

Land Graphics Inc will save you time and money and help you be a better neighbor. So, call in the experts and choose the right company which takes the best care of your lawn. Our commitment to quality, great customer service, expertise and professionalism is time tested.

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