Summer Yard and Landscape Maintenance

As you spend more time outdoors during the summer months, follow these helpful tips for a healthy, great looking yard.

Water the Right Way

Many people think the summer months mean watering the lawn and plants more often. How you water is much more important than how often you water. Plants and grass have natural mechanisms that help them deal with summer heat and dry spells. For example, grass may go dormant and look yellow or brown during times of drought, but may return to a normal heathy green if properly cared for.

  • Water plants and grass less often, but deeply.
  • Water in the early morning or evening hours so the the water has time to soak in.
  • Consider using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers and hoses. Drip irrigation waters plants slowly so the water doesn’t evaporate or run off too quckly.

Ensure Healthy Grass

  • Aerated the lawn to improve air flow and check the soil pH balance.
  • It’s not too late to fertilize. It is important that your grass has adequate fertilizer, which provides the nutrients necessary for good health.
  • Remove weeds from grass as they steal nutrients.

Mow The Right Way

Homeowners are sometimes tempted to cut grass short thinking they will be able to mow less often. This can make the lawn less healthy and look thin. Proper mowing frequency and technique helps the good health of your lawn.

Don’t forget the plants on your deck and patio!

Protect your investment and keep your potted plants happy and healthy by watering regularly. Add mulch to help retain moisture and place them in spots where they will get the correct amount of sun and shade throughout the day.


Is Summer Yard Care Too Much Work?

It really can be time consuming to do it all and get the best looking yard. Give the professionals at Land Graphics a call and let us handle it for you!

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